Coat of arms and flag

amoiries francophone de TNL

The Coat of Arms

To see the coat of arms and to know the symbolism of each element that composes it, click here.

The Flag

Adopted in 1986, it is the symbol of the pride and dynamism of the francophones of Newfoundland and Labrador. The Franco-Newfoundland and Labrador flag is composed of the colors blue, white and red, illustrating their French origins. The two sails recall the arrival of the first Europeans. Their swelling and oblique lines suggest action: always forward. The yellow of the two sails is the color of the star of Acadia and was used by the first arrivals to color their fleur-de-lis. The tall sail is decorated with a Tamarack branch, the emblem of Labrador, and the large sail with a purple pitcher plant, the official floral emblem of the province.

Designed by Lily Fortin - Saint John